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Calling all regional and rural business women!

Create a powerful and impactful business in the bush without the burnout and overwhelm

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It's time to build the business of your dreams- no matter your location.

People think running a business in the bush is the same as the city, but it's not true.

The support you need is different. Your life is different. Your daily logistics are different.


No doubt you have done the obvious work.

👉Joined programs. 

👉Worked with experts. 

👉Bought the course.

👉Downloaded the eBook.

 But maybe you haven't achieved the desired result of a successful and sustainable business. Because these programs don't get you.

Do you feel as if there is some secret sauce everyone knows about, but you haven't discovered? 

Connect with other rural and regional business legends. 

It’s vital that you have a support system that can challenge you. Your confidence, knowledge and mindset are going to be challenged at every level of growth. You can only get so far on your own, I’ve seen it dozens of times (and experienced it myself!). But when you have a combination of accountability, strategy and systems you can reach new heights.

Imagine being surrounded by women who also are dealing with typical regional and rural living. And they 'get it' when you say:

  • Your nearest Woolies is two hours away
  • The closest capital city is 7,000km
  • The physio only visits town once a month
  • You have a gas stove top, because any hint of a storm knocks out your power
  • Living in a mobile blackspot is the norm

Imagine how supported you would feel.

The fact is most rural and regional business women don't get their sustainable and profitable business past the hobby stage. They might be working full time hours but only pulling in a part time income.

 🚀My big desire for you is to work the hours that light you up AND provide a healthy income to boot🚀

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Take your business to new heights 

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Maybe you've:


💔 Been in business a while, but constantly falling prey to the cycle of feast and famine?

💔 Worked with a coach before, but they didn’t really “get it” when it comes to the challenges of country living (hours of driving, dust storms, power outages, unreliable internet)?

💔 Found your wheels spinning, and it feels impossible to get some forward momentum?

💔 Started putting some structure in place but are just finding it too overwhelming?

💔 Fallen into the trap of analysis paralysis, scared to make the next move in case it is the wrong one?

💔 Found yourself undercharging and way over delivering resulting in burn out and resentment?

💔 Felt isolated running your business remotely?


 Do you keep thinking there has to be a better way?

 It's time you step into your power and FINALLY

✓ Create the additional income you desire

✓ Create consistent revenue

✓ Stop worrying about where your next client is coming from

✓ Clarify where your business is heading

✓ Find the support you need

Client Success: 3Xed revenue and new opportunities!

"My 12 month anniversary with the Power Project is just around the corner, and I have loved every minute of working with Tori.  Tori has unearthed opportunities that I never saw coming and has been a huge catalyst in growing my business. The accountability that the weekly group calls provide is fantastic-there's nothing like having a cheerleading team always in your corner and this coupled with the 1:1 calls, for me, is a game changer.  Having Tori available in my back pocket on Voxer is so convenient when I just need a second opinion, which is so valuable when you're working in your business mostly on your own.

In the year of working with Tori, I have 3X my revenue and I am excited for where the next 12 months will take us.  Thank you Tori for being you!


- Sophie Hamilton, Founder, The Bedford Bar and The Bedford Bar Co.

>> Hey there, I'm Tori Kopke!

Living in the bush, chasing kids, escorting tractors, coaching clients… it’s how I live every day.

I am a lover of big chunky earrings, red wine and kimonos. You're more likely to find me wearing my leopard print flats in the paddock than work boots. 

I have a passion for helping other women grow their businesses in the bush. I’ve worked with women across a range of industries from manufacturing to copywriting to boutiques. Teaching a simple but impactful framework to lead their transformations.


What would your business look like if someone could guide you...

HOW to create an epic customer attraction strategy

HOW to develop systems and workflows that are totally aligned to your life

HOW to package your offers so you can stop the time for money exchange

HOW to implement new strategies, systems and workflows so you can start growing today.

HOW to drive traffic, increase visibility, grow your audience AND convert them into dreamy clients

✨ I want you to have a stable income that also makes an impact 


Wondering why you are struggling to get results?

Here area few reasons:

You’ve been piecing together your strategy.

Maybe you’ve attended a few masterclasses. You’ve listened to some podcasts. You’re getting expert advice from several different thought leaders. But you aren’t getting the results you want. That’s because you need a cohesive framework to achieve the growth you are after. You need actionable and tangible advice that is totally specific and tailored to your business!

Success in a small town can be scary.

Your ego is 100% going to come into play. It’s easier to not try than to publicly fail. Imagine small talk at the local footy, or maybe it feels like your “little” business is included in the local bush telegraph. Success is scary, but what is actually holding you back is your ego. You need a rock solid mindset and a dose of confidence to transform into the successful entrepreneur you really are!


Your method is madness.

Okay maybe not mad- but sporadic. You realize your project pipeline is running dry and so you quickly pump out a ton of Instagram content. You haven’t got any real business continuity and your bottom line is suffering. You need to find stability away from the cycle of feast and famine. This comes from accountability, support and a totally custom strategy (designed just for your business!).

It’s time to make a change. It’s time to take action. It’s time to step into your power.


The Power Project Mastermind

Make your business go BOOM!

The Power Project is a high touch group coaching mastermind. It is the place for you to level up your business, network with like-minded women, and scale up your success.

The Power Project delivers clarity, visibility, strategy and community. Access a combination of online learning modules, live group coaching calls, critiques and feedback on your work, and exclusive access to a Facebook Community.

Everything you need for a clear, systemised, visible business in the bush. The key framework to catapult your success lies behind these doors.



✓✓Permission to show up

✓✓Beating imposter syndrome

✓✓ Getting unstuck and moving forward

✓✓Creating a system for content creation

✓✓Developing and leveraging your expert status

✓✓Networking with other rural and regional business women

✓✓ Understanding your customer journey and creating offers aligned to them

✓✓ Someone that understands the juggles of country living

✓✓Feeling totally supported (even if you're totally geographically isolated!)


I'm in!

A holistic support system!

Group Coaching Calls and Trainings

Audio Recordings and Private Podcast!

Facebook Community and Prompts

Workbooks and Transcripts

Client Success: Come so far in a short space of time.

"3 months in and it feels like I have achieved 6 months of work. Having the support of Tori allows me to stay on track and focus on the important things that will make the most progress for me. I sometimes start to question my progress and then I look at the monthly goals we set out and realise how far I have come and how much I have achieved in the short space of time."

- Michelle Hearne, Founder, Michelle Hearne Coaching

 The Income Expansion Method.

The formalised  framework I have used for years in 1:1 coaching! Now available exclusively inside The Power Project.

Create smart systems

> Enter your CEO era

> Attract the right clients

> Diversify your income

> Get visible online

> Get your mind(set) right

The tangible strategies you need grow your business

Create workflows and systems

If the ideas of workflows sounds entirely too overwhelming, don't worry. It's not. We will work together to cut through the overwhelm, identify priorities and get your business working FOR you.

The best part. I've got tons of templates and am totally transparent in what I am doing in my business. So you can jump WAY ahead.

Build solid CEO  foundations

Habits and systems are so important to acting as the CEO of your business. We work on developing those as well as cultivating that CEO mindset to drive your success.

If acting as the CEO sounds like a distant dream- this is what you need

Client attraction strategies

We work on every aspect of the customer journey. So you know exactly how to identify, attract and convert customers. Feel supported as you develop your target market, lead generator, social platforms, website and flesh out a dreamy customer journey.

New ideas and income streams

Innovation and standing out in the market is so key to growth. If you have an idea or want to launch a new income stream- think new packages or new target market. I am here to support you!

I love challenging my clients so the best ideas are the ones that come to life. 

Increased visibility and traffic

With support on everything from social media ideas to website build to opt ins and welcome sequences. We work together to ensure your business is ready to increase your visibility and drive traffic. So you start converting clients faster.

A sexy AF value ladder

I'm a big believer in creating premium offers that help you hit your revenue goals quickly. Once we have fleshed out your premium offer, we'll build out the rest of your value ladder.

We go through everything from attraction strategies to sales pages to welcome emails to onboarding process. This is a totally holistic approach. And you get direct feedback every step of the way.

Client Success: New packages. New income streams. New confidence.

"I have been able to see my business from a different lens and received sound advice, direction and support. Since working with Tori I have created a new income stream by creating, pricing and releasing corporate packages. I have also built out my speaker offers, extended this to include workshops that have been created and secured 3 speaking events already from this. My client journey has also had a make over and is now seamless and professional!

 The encouragement for my ideas and the expertise that has been provided to fine tune them to take them from good to amazing has been invaluable. My confidence in my business and my ability to run my business successfully has been such a welcomed outcome from working with Tori in The Power Project."

- Rebecca Bradshaw, Founder, Rural Child Health

Meet Martha, our in-house copy support coach

Martha Barndard-Rae

Martha is a Denmark WA-based SEO and UX copywriter. In her business Word Candy, she helps businesses and agencies build seriously good client relationships with clear, clever copy and content.

Martha's words live on the websites, blogs, emails, brochures, and videos of businesses all over Australia. She works with digital agencies, marketing agencies, SEO companies, and small businesses.

When she's not writing sweet copy, Martha moonlights as a feminist scholar, TEDx speaker, and sore loser of board games. Setting boundaries is her superpower. Her love language is aggressive enthusiasm.


The Income Expansion Method

Housed in Kajabi you can access the self-study framework 24/7 on desktop or mobile (the app is super handy when you are on the go!) Each module is delivered via video lessons, worksheets, audio and activities. You can download the audio to the modules as well as the coaching calls so you can listen back no matter where you are (paddock bashing or school pickup)

Valued at over $3,000

High Impact Group Coaching Calls

Join me in these weekly coaching calls, as you move your business towards a profitable and sustainable business. Ask questions and get the support you need. If you can't attend a call live, just submit your question ahead of time and watch the replay!

Valued at over $7,500

Content Reviews and Feedback

Ever wanted someone to pick apart your sales page? Or your website? Looking for support on your packaging and pricing? I deliver direct feedback to workshop your ideas and get them moving in the right direction. This is where SO much work is done. You will LOVE the content reviews once you are inside.

Valued at over $3,000


Private Facebook Community

Connecting and networking with other like minded women is an absolutely invaluable experience. Ask questions, get tech support, get a peek behind the curtain at what other women are doing. 

Valued at over $1,000

1:1 Coaching Calls

Get a monthly 1:1 call to ensure you are on track and getting the personalised feedback and support that you crave. These are a great time to set strategies and gain clarity- every single month!

Valued at over $2,500


Copy Support Coach

Know what is better than one coach? Two 🙌 As part of joining the Power Project you get a 1:1 with our copy coach Martha from Wordy Candy- she is an absolute word wizard. Not only do you get a meeting with her, but you have the opportunity for her to review your copy as well!

Valued at over $1,000


Quarterly Planning Sessions

Work in 90 day sprints as you plan and execute your business goals. Our quarterly planning sessions give you the time to pause and reflect on what you have accomplished AND the space to plan the next sprint.

Valued at over $1,500

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Client Success: Launched with clients in the first month.

"Tori has helped me to launch my business, the Rural Podcasting Co, much quicker than I expected. In our first session we broke through some of my major business barriers around pricing and business structure. Within the first month I had clients and built a website... and it has only continued to build from there. I am loving working on my new business and I'm especially enjoying working with my clients on their new podcasts."

- Kirsten Diprose, Founder, Rural Podcasting Co

Client Success: Remarkable milestones. Website launch. Refined packages. Consistent online presence. Newfound confidence.

"Over 6 months, I achieved remarkable milestones. With Tori's guidance, I successfully launched a new website, honed my service offerings and target market, established a consistent and effective social media presence, and gained newfound confidence as a business owner.

Without her assistance, I'd still be struggling, overwhelmed by the information overload and easily distracted by all the shiny objects!

Tori is more than just a coach, she's a guiding hand in my business journey, and I'm immensely grateful for the transformation she's brought about. Her support and the Power Project community have truly made a big difference for me."

- Asha Hudson, Founder, Made by Hudson

Still not sure?

This program is for you if:

>> You are ready to take action

>> You crave support and community with women who understand country life

>> You want to make intentional moves in your business

>> You are ready to feel clear and confident as a business owner


This program is not for you if:

>> You don't want to take advice

>> You believe you have all the answers

>> You want to keep doing the same thing expecting different results


Because you are extra special...

Access the CEO System

An annual planning blueprint so you can plan your next 12 months in business. This self paced course covers everything from your big vision through to daily business building activities, including a Trello board with your year mapped out. 

Value at: $97

Access SHIFT

Time to start cultivating a sales mindset. Transform your sales and money relationship to one of strength and confidence. 7 key modules walking you through your money story and limiting beliefs, and everything you need to do to transform your self-talk.


Valued at: $1,200

Guest Expert Sessions

Get a front row seat to our guest expert sessions! Our experts are SO knowledgeable and I can’t wait for them to unleash their know how! Bring your questions and get them answered. Experts are brought in that are most relevant to where you are on your journey!

Valued at: $2,000

Catalyst Club

Receive access to my membership for the duration of your time in The Power Project. Think micro masterclasses, bitesized weekly podcasts and a template vault full of goodness to help you get your business on track! The Catalyst Club is all about micro, little actions that you can take in your business.

Valued at: $247

Frequently Asked Questions


✓ Saying goodbye to hustle and burnout

✓Stopping the cycle of feast and famine

✓ Attracting and work with your dream client

✓ Growing clear and courageous

✓ Creating an impact AND an income

So much value...

A seriously awesome mastermind.

The Power Project

✓ The Income Expansion Framework ($3,000 value)

✓ High Impact Group Coaching Calls ($7,500 value)

✓ Content Reviews and Feedback ($3,000 value)

✓ Private Facebook Group and Community ($1,000 value)

✓ Private Client Podcast ($1,000 value)

✓ 1:1 Coaching Calls ($2,500 value)

✓ Quarterly Planning Sessions ($1,500 value)

✓ Access the CEO System [BONUS] ($97 value)

✓ Access SHIFT [BONUS] ($1,200 value)

✓ Guest Expert Sessions [BONUS] ($2,000 value)

Total Value = $22,797 Value

12 Month Commitment Plan


*Price in AUD

Save over $2,600 annually.

Charged monthly for 12 months.

[BONUS] Voxer Coaching

Yes! Please!

Pay-As-You-Go/ Monthly


*Price in AUD

Charged monthly. Cancel any time.

Minimum 3 month commitment

[BONUS] Voxer Coaching


Not ready to go the whole hog?

The basic version of the Power Project is perfect for someone that wants community support, access to Tori, and is craving success- but just aren't ready to make the payments of the full version.


$250 initial payment + $87/week

*Price in AUD

Does not include content reviews or 1:1 meetings.

Minimum 3 month commitment

[BONUS] Voxer Coaching