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Are you sick of a cycle of feast and famine? Ready to start calling in some BIG money to your business?

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I am going to chat all things money mindset, high ticket offers, closing sales, and making BIG money long term in this action packed limited podcast series.

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This is the motivation you have been searching for.

Get ready to ignite your journey towards BIG money energy withthis transformative podcast series! Join me as I give you the code to creating serious wealth while shattering money myths and limiting beliefs.

đŸ”„Time for BIG money đŸ”„

Get ready to break free from financial constraints, unleash your potential, and cultivate a mindset that paves the way for not just monetary success, but also personal growth, impact, and a legacy you can be proud of.

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Don't keep playing small. 

I see too many entrepreneurs stuck with small offers and a small audience. We are going to chat all things limiting beliefs, high ticket offers, and abundance so you can start calling in the BIG money you desire.

Plus I will give you some hot tips and *six figure sales secrets* along the way!

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Hi! I'm Tori Kopke!

Business owner. Coach. Wife Mother. Farming Side-Hustler.

Living in the bush, chasing kids, escorting tractors, coaching clients.. It’s how I live every day.

I run my business with only 5 hours of childcare a week- everything else fits around my 18 month old’s day sleeps. I know what it means to run a six figure business (without the luxury of time).

I empower women with actionable and practical strategies to grow their businesses on extra tight time budgets.