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land your first client and start making money!

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Get support. Strategy. And start making money!

You've had a lifetime of experience, and some really incredible ideas, but running a business is totally new territory. You want to bring in cash, but are overwhelmed with getting everything just right.

I've been there. My clients have been there. And let me tell you, once you get started and build momentum- you are going to be unstoppable! Let me help you go from startup to success!

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"Coaching calls with Tori have it all -- a listening ear, sane, strategic solutions and a Texas twang.
I would (and have!) highly recommend working with Tori if you'd like to gain some clarity in your business goals and execution."

- Martha Barndard-Rae, Word Candy

Take the guess work out of launching your business!

  Hey, I'm Tori!

Living in the bush, chasing kids, escorting tractors, coaching clients… it’s how I live every day.

I am a lover of big chunky earrings, red wine and kimonos. You're more likely to find me wearing my leopard print flats in the paddock than work boots. 

I have a passion for helping other women grow their businesses in the bush. I’ve worked with women across a range of industries from manufacturing to copywriting to boutiques. Teaching a simple but impactful framework to lead their transformations.


Working with Tori was exactly what I needed - someone outside my ‘business bubble’ who could see the potential in all the chaos."

-Meredith Paige, Meredith Paige Marketing Coach

who is concept to cash for?

If you have an idea bouncing around in your head, but you keep falling short of actually making money. This is for you. If you are just starting out in business and are looking to create your initial offers, develop scalable systems and feel overwhelmed with "where to start." 

who is it not for?

If you have been in business and have a really solid idea of your niche, offers and have the basic business foundations- then head over and check out The Power Project!

Chat with Tori

Go from startup to success!

concept to cash.

The foundation for this 12 week program centres around a framework of sales, tech, mindset, strategy and visibility to help give your vision life. We identify clear priorities that will help you accelerate.

Imagine the results:

 🥳  You land your first client

 🥳  You have a clear client attraction strategy

 🥳  That little voice in your head is now cheering you on (instead of keeping you frozen in fear!)

 🥳  Your internal business processes are sustainable and scalable

 🥳  You are confident you are heading in the right direction

"Tori has helped me level up my business, from a start up with no experience to booked out within two months with the opportunity for continual growth due to the strategies we built into my business. She always looks for growth opportunities that I would not expect of myself. I definitely would not be where I am today if it were not for her strategies and roadmap.”

-Brittany Reynolds, Work with B

Actual client outcomes:

  • New pivots and opportunities

  • Booked out and at capacity

  • Increased revenue due to new additional income streams

  • Increased engagement and growth on socials

  • Startup to success within a matter of months

We work on results. With years of experience and insight into small businesses. We have a no fluff approach to smash goals and convert clients.

Chat with Tori



✓ 3 months of 1:1 support

✓ 90 minute kick off session

✓ Signature Concept to Cash framework

✓ Customiseable templates

 ✓ Chat support throughout your time in the program

✓ $97 CEO System (BONUS)


Let's work together to set you up for success. 

What you get in Concept to Cash.

Over our 12 weeks of working together, we meet 1x a month, with unlimited chat support in between.

1x 90 minute kick off session | This sets the framework for the next 12 weeks. In this 90 minute session we deep dive into your strategy, sales, and systems. Working together to identify clear priorities for us to focus on for the next 12 weeks.

2x 45 minute 1:1 calls | Our 45 minute sessions are designed to ensure you have the support and focus that you need so we can work towards your goals. 

Chat Support | Unlimited email support. I am always available via chat to support you and provide you whenever you need it. Think about carrying around your business coach in your back pocket- that’s me! Daily access directly to me.

Concept to Cash Framework | You receive access to my signature framework. Complete modules across tools and tech, mindset, sales and visibility.

Customiseable Templates | This is an evolving library of Canva templates, to help you get into action faster! Think customer welcome pack, opt ins, proposal templates.

BONUS $97 CEO System | The tools and templates to help you take your vision, set goals, and ensure you are building an aligned business.

I am also going to spoil you with a little gift sent straight to your door!

The coaching sessions were the highlight of my week. And I really appreciated the advice that you shared through out the whole experience.

-Lavinia Wehr, Lavinia Wehr Social

  Keen and ready for action?

Let's jump on a call so I can learn all about your business, your goals and your current situation!

We can then identify a few priorities and look at a proposed start date to begin working together.

I can't wait to chat with you and get your business heading in the right direction!



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